There is no doubt that Internet was introduced as a medium through which, people situated in different parts of the world, could communicate to each other, while sharing valuable information within no time. Gradually, with the change in technology and complexity of operations, we began putting it to numerous uses. However, the use of web services in the field of entertainment has somewhere made us forget about the things we should really focus upon. Internet is a power which can change the face of education and it is believed that in the next few years, we are going to witness a completely digital form of education.

Maybe today most of us have easy internet access, but still there are billions who are not even exposed to proper education. Both ‘internet’ and ‘education’ go hand in hand and in the next few years, it’ll make more sense. Education is a very broad term and in the present era, it encompasses not only having bookish knowledge, but also being aware about everything that’s happening around you. The change that takes place, be it any field, is something that everyone needs to be acquainted with.

Universities like Stanford, Harvard, Yale and MIT are playing a major role in connecting education with internet. All the classroom lessons are recorded and uploaded on the internet which is available free of cost to anyone who is interested in learning it. Specially for those who can’t afford to get an admission in famous foreign institutes, it’s a boon for them. Clearly, internet has changed the way we used to look at education and it will continue to change even more in near future.

Following are some factors that contribute in determining the role of internet in future education:

Online Courses with Certification


Nowadays, there are numerous courses that can be pursued online and many of them are free of cost. Such courses not only help you to get proper knowledge, but also provide certification after you take up the online exam. There are tutorials, videos, slide shows and everything that you need for the course. We believe, soon new courses will emerge that will be exclusively available for e-learning.

Change in Trends


Unlike the primitive era of education, it’s no longer enough to read and learn things from the age old textbooks. The scientific research, experiments and evolution in various fields give rise to a lot of new information that can be only spread through the use of internet. Whether it’s the politics or geography, everything keeps updating and books may not provide us the changing patterns efficiently.

Rise in Technological Dependence


With the introduction of globalization, technological innovations and modern education, degrees and certificates are not enough to get a job. Today, in every field, you have to work on digital platforms and hence, it is a pre-requisite to be able to work on internet. Skills have become much more important than grades. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of their practical performance rather than on the basis of marks that they score. In future, practicality will definitely take over theoretical knowledge.

Education is Limitless


Knowledge is limitless and so is the education, so obviously you can’t expect a textbook to give each and every detail that you need. Similarly, internet is also not restricted to any limit. There is no boundation regarding the amount of web pages you use, and then hi-speed internet connectivity acts like a cherry on the cake. Even if the cost of paper rises, the web pages will still be available without any cost and without any limit.

Modern Education


In many schools, the blackboard teaching has been replaced by digital classrooms. The projector arrangement is done in order to display the information through slide shows so as to make the students understand things in a better way. Moreover, projects and assignments have become a popular It is anticipated that in future, we are going to have a completely modified educational environment devoid of any books that will re-define education system. Some people might think that this will evade the role of teachers, but it is important to remember that knowledge is nothing when there’s nobody to guide you and teachers are our best guides.


Besides the above mentioned factors, we are getting a lot of exposure in the form of new career options. As a consequence to technological advancement, numerous fields have open up that offer a secure future. Certain programs are available in various training institutes that are completely linked to the use of internet.

After applying for a professional course for a certain time period, you get certified by the institute and then numerous job offers are on your way. Through this blog, we hope that we are able to reflect the change that is taking place globally and things that are going to affect the use of internet in future education.